Michael J. Chan, Ph.D. 

Michael J. Chan is a licensed photographer (#16704) based in Kingman, AZ and operating in Northern, AZ more broadly. Chan believes in the power of images to tell compelling stories--about individuals, families, communities, and companies. 

Great images tell great stories. Those stories can inspire or disturb, excite or persuade. 

Whatever the story is that you need to tell, Chan is committed to helping you do it through stunning images. 



Poole Finalized-1.jpg

Justin Poole 

Justin Poole is an AdWords certified digital marketing specialist based in Kingman, AZ and operating all around Arizona. Justin also uses the power of video to tell stories that can ignite the viewers imagination allowing your ideas to come to life. 

Great videos leave an impression. What do you want your story to tell? 


Tamyra Park

Tamyra Park is a photographer with a Bachelor of Science in Photography from Northern Arizona University. Tamyra photographs to communicate ideas, and to capture emotions and experiences between people. The integrity of the true moment of interaction is the drive behind the work she produces.

Family photographs are one of the strongest ways to tell the story of growing families. How do you want to tell the story of your family’s journey?